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When it comes to pizza or freelance writers, don't settle for mediocre.

I moved to Los Angeles from Chicago nearly two years ago. While I've managed the culture shock pretty well since then, one thing continues to disappoint: the quality of pizza.

It's not good. In fact, after checking out dozens of places, I've come to the conclusion that I'm never going to find anything close to Chicago pizza in LA. But I won't give up. And I simply won't settle for mediocre.

When shopping for a freelance writer, you shouldn't have to settle for mediocre, either.

Of course, freelance writers come in all flavors and levels of experience. Just like finding the perfect pizza takes research (and sometimes trial and error), so does finding the perfect freelance writer to join your team.

It starts with the menu.

A great freelance writer should provide a portfolio that gives you a good sense of their background and experience, skills and abilities— to help you determine whether they're a good match for your business. And, just as a great pizza needs to have the right crust-to-sauce ratio, a good writer will have the right balance of good research skills, the ability to adapt to your tone of voice and style, and an understanding of what it takes to write clear, concise, and engaging content.

When it's time to search...

Just like pizza, there are all types of freelance writers, but not all will be right for you and your business. Knowing what you're looking for and how to find it is key. One of the best ways to start your search is to key in the category of writer that makes sense for you at LinkedIn.

  • Do you need a writer with specialized industry experience, like healthcare, financial, education, or manufacturing?

  • A technical writer—someone who can create clear and concise content that explains complex technical information for user manuals, how-to guides, and other technical documentation?

  • A ghostwriter who will develop content with your byline for industry articles, blog or social media posts?

  • A copywriter whose experience includes developing compelling web copy, ads, and other marketing communications?

  • A social media specialist who knows how to grow your presence and followers on LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media platforms?

  • A content writer—to write articles, blog posts, white papers, ebooks, and other content that engages your audience and encourages them to learn more about your business? (I'm raising my hand!)

Once you've nailed the category you're seeking, you'll have a list of candidates with varying levels of experience and expertise. LinkedIn is a great source for taking deep dives into writer backgrounds and viewing samples of their work.

Any way you slice it, finding the right freelance writer for your content takes time, thought, and planning.

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