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How to Get Max Value from Your Freelance Writer

The relationship between a client and a freelance writer is just like any other. Sometimes, it's a match made in heaven and sometimes it just doesn't work out.  

Often, it's simply a matter of a bad fit. In some cases, it's because the client has difficulty finding the right balance of hands-on/hands-off in working with a writer who's not on the payroll. 

The good news is that a client-freelance writer partnership can be extremely rewarding and last for years. But, just like anything else, that takes planning and careful attention.

In my years of working as a freelance writer, I've found that, when clients observe the 6 steps in this infographic, things can work out great.

Most important to me are the third and fourth steps--getting the writer involved early in the process and providing crystal-clear direction. Because when I understand (even better, when I can contribute to) the strategic direction of a project, I'm invested and engaged and better able to deliver a focused, effective finished product.

And, of course, clear direction at the outset is critical. Without a complete understanding of the business and the project objectives and parameters, a writer can't give you what you're looking for--and you both end up feeling frustrated.

Partnering with a writer can be a wonderful thing. Let's hope more rewarding relationships for clients and writers blossom in the months and years ahead.

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