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Freelancers Feel the Love from Other Freelancers

We freelancers are a loving bunch. On this Valentine's Day, I'm taking a moment to appreciate all the love and support for our community that can be found all over the internet.. It's an embarrassment of riches!

Here are some of the resources I rely on.

Blogs and Newsletters

Many successful copywriters and content creators manage blogs filled with advice and support for their fellow writers. Jennifer Goforth Gregory is a prolific sharer of her own experiences and advice for others. Most recently, she's been on a roll, writing about what she's been learning about ChatGPT and she is now offering a course about using AI writing tools.

Copyblogger is another fun source of advice and support for making a living as a content creator.

Cranky Guide to Writing Newsletters provides free and paid versions of freelance writer Ines Bellina's newsletter, which provides lots of practical tips, support and features.

Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

Facebook offers groups of all kinds, of course. I'm a member of Gregory's The Freelance Content Marketing Writer group, as well as Freelance Copywriters & Content Writers.

LinkedIn offers the support of other writers in The Freelance Writers' Connection and the B2B Content Marketing group, and others.

These groups are great places to share concerns, ask questions, celebrate successes, and commiserate about difficult clients in judgment free zones--with people who understand what your life is like.

Other Resources

Freelance writers can find support, connections, and resources in a variety of other online locations, like the weekly Twitter chat, #FreelanceChat or by subscribing to FLX (Freelance Success), a community of journalists, bloggers, copywriters, and more, who share their experiences and opportunities.

Other sources I look to include james Durston's What Editors Want Substack and podcast, which publishes regular calls for pitches from editors and advice from other writers. Media Bistro, too, is a great source of education, advice and job opportunities.

So, on this day when we celebrate romantic love, let's not forget the love we share within our own crazy community of freelance writers.

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