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A little bit about me

I'm Julia Bailey, a Los Angeles-based content writer/copywriter with decades of experience working with B2B marketers in healthcare, energy, technology, and financial services.

Nice words from clients and colleagues:

"Julia is a great partner. She's unique in that she thinks about what will convince a reader, including suggesting graphics for our designer in addition to creating compelling copy. Highly recommend her work!"--Diona Kidd, Knowmad Digital Marketing

"Julia Bailey is an excellent creative resource! From B2B, consumer, promotion, technical, and everything in between, make her your #1 writing choice."--Karen Mazique, Mazique Design Services


Julia Bailey has a special skill of being able to take a lot of technical information and digest it into simple and concise language."--Vanessa Lewin, director, membership, ASCP

"Julia consistently provides thoughtful, well-written copy that requires minimal to no editing under tight deadlines. She has no trouble grasping technical subject matter and presenting it in a way that’s both clear and compelling."--Linda Behzad, ACD, Moveo

"Julia is by far the most creative, imaginative writer and seasoned creative director for copy. She's encouraging, smart, easy to work with and supremely talented in so many ways."--Ellen Senrich, designer


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